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-Cyber Vandals-

Monthly Blind Box Membership


The Cyber Vandals monthly membership pass was designed for people

that follow the project closely and hate missing out on the progress.

This membership ensures that you will be Whitelisted for every drop

that comes out each month and gives you the peace of mind

that you won't miss out on any of the amazing NFTs that come from our collection.

I understand that Work and Family time is an absolute necessity and we encourage

our fans to go do that without the stress of wondering

if you have enough wax for the next drop or worry about missing out on an exclusive

that you absolutely have to have for your next custom. 

Thank you all for the support, I look forward to evolving with you. -T2


How to buy… ( $20 apx 200 WAX)

- Sales will open 3 days before the 1st of the month.

- Sales will end on the 2nd day of the month. 


How to Claim…

- Use your monthly Blind Box Membership as your whitelist pass to claim all accessories.

-Use your monthly Blind Box Membership to redeem 1 of 4 Ultimate Accessories

What you get…

- Access to an Accessory and Collaboration suggestion box for the month's accessories.  

- 8 NEW Accessories worth over a month

available for FREE on the Drops as they are created. 

(+160 WAX value)

- A FREE monthly blend for 1 of 4 Ultimate Accessories

on the last day of the month.

(+500 WAX value)


- Creating the Members Accessories LIVE on Twitch with the artist.

- 10% of all sales will be given back to Top 3 Winners of the Membership Marbles Race.

- 1 Free Infinity Supply Crate given to the winner of a Membership Critter Craft Race.


Collect Multiple Membership Passes

- Collect 10 Memberships and claim a Free Physical Sticker Pack.

- Collect 20 Memberships and claim a Free Cyber Vandals Shirt.

- Collect 30 Memberships and claim a Hoodie.

- Collect 40 Memberships and claim a Free Cyber Vandals World Flag.

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