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Stake Cyber Vandals NFTs for CV Points"

refers to a process where you can lock or deposit your Cyber Vandals non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into a staking mechanism and earn CVPOINT as a reward. These CV points are a form of utility token associated with the Cyber Vandals project.

Once you have accumulated enough CV points, you can then use them to purchase a Ticket NFT. This Ticket NFT is a unique digital asset that grants you entry or participation in contests and NFT pools. Contests may involve various activities or competitions, while NFT pools are likely collections of NFTs that are distributed among participants.

By staking your Cyber Vandals NFTs and earning CV points, you gain the ability to obtain a Ticket NFT, which opens up opportunities for engagement in contests and NFT pools. This system adds an additional layer of value and utility to the Cyber Vandals NFTs, allowing you to participate in various activities and potentially receive rewards based on your involvement.

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